Yes on 76 is reluctantly suspending our campaign to put Medicaid expansion on the ballot in the wake of Friday’s State Supreme Court decision — until there is once again a functional ballot measure process in Mississippi. 
We fully support the call for a special legislative session to restore the constitutional right of Mississippians to vote directly on issues of importance, including Medicaid expansion, and we will pursue every avenue possible to restore the rights of voters in this state. 
We will also continue to urge elected leaders in Mississippi to expand Medicaid to deliver healthcare, help keep our rural hospitals open and bring our tax dollars home from Washington. We’ve witnessed unprecedented support for Medicaid expansion in recent weeks, and we are committed to keeping up the momentum that our campaign has created. 
More than 200,000 hardworking Mississippians need access to healthcare — many of whom are battling cancer and other serious illnesses and can’t afford to wait any longer for a solution. They need access to doctors, treatments and prescription drugs right now. 
Our broad coalition of doctors, nurses, business and faith leaders and voters from across the political spectrum is not going away. We will keep up the fight until Mississippians receive the healthcare they need.